Looking for a simple and efficient way to manage employees leave?

Inadequate leave management can cost your organisation a tremendous amount of money and can cause great unhappiness among staff. The maintenance of leave records is also a time consuming and costly function.


With an online system, as your employees apply for leave the data is recorded and, once approved, will NEVER disappear. No more unnecessary payouts, no more leave in excess of your organisation’s rules, no more time consuming queries and no more disputes


Key Features

Become Compliant

Webleave will ensure your leave is compliant with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act


Generate reports at the click of a button

Tiered Approval

Select either 1 or 2 levels of approval


Full Transparency

Employee and Employer can at any time view leave balances and see how they were calculated. No more leave balance disputes.

Mobile App

Staff can apply for leave via the online portal or via the mobile app


- Easily created custom leave types.

- Brand the system with your company colours and logo


Save Money As:

  • No paying out more leave days than necessary. The unseen cost of un-captured leave can be substantial.


  • Reduction of overhead cost involved in leave administration


  • Saves on paper and printing


And Saves Time As:

  • No more paperwork to capture and file


  • Managers have all the information they need at click of a button


  • Reporting at the click of a button


  • Transparency in leave which helps reduce disputes

How it works

Staff member logs in and applies for leave

Leave request is emailed to the Manager

The manager is provided with all the necessary information to make an informed decision (i.e number of leave days requested vs number of days available)

Employee is notified if leave request was approved or declined

Once an application has been approved it is recorded and can NEVER go missing.


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